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Optimet® steel fibers define concrete's efficiency.

Optimet®, a steel fiber manufacturer, offers state-of-the-art steel fibers that have been engineered to meet the high demand for optimized steel fibers. The optimized fiber configuration, in combination with the tensile strength enhancement of the wire drawing operation, allows you to build up the necessary strength required to resist stresses induced by the concrete. The ultimate result is a fiber that meets your criteria.

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Steel Fibers


Fibers In Concrete

Optimet® Steel Fiber Is Fully Optimized

Engineered by some of the most prestigious researchers in the concrete industry, Optimet's® patented design with high pullout and residual toughness resistance will meet the highest performance requirements in the industry.

Optimet® steel fibers are designed to provide maximum fiber efficiency in concrete. Consult your Optimet® specialist to help you determine which of the following fibers are best suited for your application.

Steel Fibers

Optimet® Steel Fibers Conform to ASTM A-820 - Type-1: Cold Drawn Wire Fibers

All fibers are made of low carbon steel wire. Galvanized fibers are available and manufactured as special orders.


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Telephone: (224) 848-4250


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